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Therapeutic Diets, a necessity for lifestyle diseases & conditions


Celebrity Nutritionist Shubi Husain Therapeutic Diets

Medical research has turned up foods that are specifically suited to prevent, treat or heal a disease or medical condition.

Shubi Husain’s Therapeutic Diet Plans help you eat correctly and nutritiously in sickness and in health. Examples are diets to lower cholesterol, to regulate blood-pressure, diets to treat and work with diabetes and for gout. There are others for hypothyroid management, for PCOD’s, for burn victims, for Celiac disease etc. Also diets for people with very specific food allergies and a long list of popular diets touted as curatives for a host of illnesses.

Shubi Husain’s Customized Therapeutic Diet Plans are available across the entire spectrum of medical conditions. These are in widespread use in both the traditional and alternative healing sciences.

  • SH Customized Diet Plans

    Carefully crafted Diet Plans under the Shubi Husain brand. The customization takes into account all minor details about you, your lifestyle, eating habits, any disease / illnesses etc. As a result the Diet Plan so prepared specifically suits your conditions and requirements

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