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Shubi Husain enjoys communicating through social media. She regularly shares her tips, nutritional advices, low calories recipes, product views, slimming strategies, brand validations and endorsements on social media. You can, if you are lucky, directly interact with Shubi Husain on her SM pages like facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Some of the direct links are

Shubi Husain was recently interviewed by Times Life on Mothers Day about “ How to Get Back in Shape After Motherhood” Excerpts of the interview can be viewed at link: Shubi gives top tips on how to manage your weight and stay thin after pregnancy.If you want to send Shubi a question for future webcasts, just use the hashtag #AskShubi and tweet to @ShubiHusain

Shubi Husain is simultaneously active on several global web-based forums.

To know more or to discuss a proposal at hand, get in touch with Shubi Husain and her team. CLICK HERE >>

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